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All new parts are handled only for sorting and packing.  They come from sets or the PaB-wall.  

All used parts are in good condition unless described otherwise



  • - Minimum buy is 10 euro
  • - There are no fees. 
  • - All orders will be send with Bpost - Belgian postal service
  • - If the weight of your order is higher than 2kg (except for Belgian buyers) or if you want insurance, we will send you a quote according to the tariff from Bpost     (http://www.bpost.be/site/nl/bereken-het-tarief-voor-uw-pakketten). 
  • - We will not be responsible for lost orders by the postal service or damaged packages, after shipment.  If you are not sure, please use priority mail.
  • - Orders paid with paypal will be send to your Brickowl address.
  • - Shipping costs for shipments to countries outside the EU will be quoted.  
  • - IBAN orders will not be shipped until funds have been verified
  • - Orders that are not paid within 7 days, will be cancelled.
  • - We appreciate feedback as well as you do.


Total orders: 69

Communication is important, so if there is anything you want to ask, if there are problems of any kind with the order, ... don't hesitate, please contact us (pembricksstore@gmail.com).  We're sure we can find a solution


Don't forget to give feedback!  Same goes around, I will give a positive feedback when everything is handled as it should be.


Have fun looking around.  If you can't find what you need now, maybe we will have it next time! 


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